About RFTide™

RFTide™ is a 868 MHz wireless mesh network, developed for home and building automation.

What network can do:

  • Command actuators from a keyfob , smartphone, laptop or PC.
  • Turn the light on/off and dimmering , move the roller shutter up/down, set thermostat temperature.
  • Read out sensors status (energy monitoring).

Main features:

  • Stack adaptable to different profiles, easy addition of functionalities on customer demand.
  • Easy configuration, by means of an hand held transmitter.
  • Low cost: no royalty, no alliances, very light stack.
  • Portable nodes are permitted.

The first wireless network You can really OWN

Based on large volume demand, AUREL is willing to share with you technical files in order to get more fruitful partnership and cost optimization.


  • Easy embedding of wireless network in your product.
  • Quick time to market.
  • Best optimization of overall costs.