RFTide Transceiver for mesh network (PTH assembly)

RFT-868-3V/5V Module is the key element for RFTide network, developed by AUREL.

It is a 868 MHz transceiver to be used on a actuator or in a remote sensor.

It is equipped with two input pins, which can be used as digital input or analog inputs, and two output digital pins to perform actuation, one of which can implement a PWM modulation.

A UART interface with a specific protocol is also provided in order to establish a more customizable network.

An Enable pin is used to to switch-off the module for battery-powered applications.

Size: 38.6 x 18.2 x 2 mm

Ordering code

Modules can be provided in the following variants:

  • 650201380G AUREL RFT-868-3V/V.2
  • 650201381G AUREL RFT-868-3V/V.2 SERIALIZED
  • 650201382G AUREL RFT-868-5V/V.2
  • 650201383G AUREL RFT-868-5V/V.2 SERIALIZED

Pinout and electrical characteristics have been described in the previous pages.

Remember that all modules belonging to the same network must have the same operating frequency, while it is possible to use 3V and 5V modules in the same network.

Not serialized modules are provided with default NetworkID equal to 0x00000000 and address 0x0.

Download Shortform (650201380G)

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868 MHz transceiver to be used on a actuator or in a remote sensor.